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For Consultants, our comprehensive intelligence enables you to develop strategies to gain market share in existing and new markets

  • Gain visibility of major projects globally
  • Access key decision makers and secure new business leads
  • Understand key market issues
  • Assess competitors’ performance


For Contractors, you have access to an unrivalled comprehensive global infrastructure projects database, featuring contact details for some 50,000 key decision makers

  • Win new business ahead of your rivals
  • Source key information on suppliers and partnership opportunities
  • Formulate strategy to secure greater market share
  • Gain insight on risk and be prepared


For Suppliers, with contact details for key decision makers involved in 30,000 major projects globally, suppliers need waste no time in contacting the right people in procurement teams

  • Generate sales leads before your competitors
  • Assess growth potential in key markets
  • Understand risks to business

Professional Services

For Professional Services firms we provide ten-year historic and five-year forecasts for infrastructure spend for 85 countries and 8 key segments helping you to understand market trends, as well as conduct business planning and forecasting

  • Understand key market issues
  • Assess risk
  • Evaluate competitive landscape

For Lenders and Investors

For Lenders and Investors, our comprehensive financing data and project coverage, provides a unique source of information to assess potential opportunities and analyse competitor activity

  • Stay up to date with all financing and new project announcements
  • Identify gaps in project financing
  • Assess risk across global construction markets
  • Track competitor activity
  • Generate league tables of participants including MLAs, DFIs and more

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Is Argentina's PPP Program in Peril?

5 Jul 2018

PPPs are at the core of the Argentine government’s ambitious economic agenda to revamp its ageing infrastructure, but there are major risks to the continued implementation of such arrangements to finance large-scale projects.

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Global Infrastructure Outlook to 2022 - Key Highlights

14 May 2018

The global infrastructure market totaled US$3.1 trillion in 2017, and is expected to reach US$4.4 trillion by 2022, growing (in nominal US$ terms) by 7.0% on an annual average basis, according to the Infrastructure Intelligence Center (InfraIC).

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Investment in Port Construction Projects Stands at over US$460 billion

10 Apr 2018

Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center is tracking global port projects with a value of US$461.1 billion.

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Pipeline of Global Power Generation Projects Stands at US$4.8 trillion

5 Mar 2018

The global power generation construction projects pipeline, as tracked by the CIC, is worth US$4.78 trillion. Asia-Pacific dominates, with projects valuing US$2.

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India's Challenging Investment Environment

28 Feb 2018

India’s continuous focus on infrastructure investment is encouraging but its poor regulatory and legal framework continues to hold back investment and create a challenging business environment for investors.

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Trump's Ambitions to Revive US Infrastructure

20 Feb 2018

The US president, Donald Trump, has announced further details of his long-awaited proposal to boost infrastructure across the country.

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Progress on the "One Belt, One Road" - Update

6 Feb 2018

Progress continues to be made on China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, aimed at developing the modern day versions of the land-based “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century”.

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Connecting Southeast Asia

1 Feb 2018

The emphasis on connectivity in the ASEAN region has led to some tangible successes for infrastructure construction, and output shows no sign of slowing down.

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Infrastructure Construction in Africa to 2021 - Key Highlights

19 Dec 2017

Infrastructure construction in Africa is expected to grow rapidly, reaching around US$196 billion in 2021. The continent is benefiting from increasing private investment, better macroeconomic policy management and a more diversified economic structure.

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Global road construction pipeline investment reaches over US$2.23 trillion

9 Nov 2017

The global road projects pipeline is headed up by Asia-Pacific with US$1.24 trillion, followed by Europe with projects valued at US$462.7 billion. The Americas has road projects with a value of US$315.

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Global Project Pipeline for Railway Construction Stands at Over US$5 trillion

9 Nov 2017

Investment in high-speed railways pushes the global railway construction project pipeline to US$5.15 trillion.

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Chinese Influence on Global Infrastructure - Key Highlights

20 Sep 2017

In recent years, as the domestic construction sector has begun to cool off, China has begun to look beyond its borders to export excess contractor capacity and have a wider influence on infrastructure more globally, led by its One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative.

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The US Plan for Infrastructure Investment

15 Jun 2017

Slowly but surely, a clearer picture of the details behind President Trump’s US$1 trillion 10-year infrastructure plan are coming together through the various Budget related documents released throughout the first half of 2017.

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A Primer on Infrastructure Financing

26 Apr 2017

Global infrastructure spending currently sits at US$2.5 trillion. Infrastructure spending requirements sit at US$3.3 trillion annually out to 2030 suggesting significant funding gaps exist.

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Nigeria’s Economic Recovery Growth Plan and the Outlook for Infrastructure

25 Apr 2017

Nigeria’s infrastructure construction sector will rebound in 2017 due to higher government spending, greater international borrowing, improvements in security, and better budget execution under the recently launched Economic Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP) 2017-2020.

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PPPs in Emerging Markets: Challenges, Opportunities and Needs

18 Apr 2017

Governments in most emerging markets face the challenge of meeting growing demand for new and better infrastructure services. However, public sector capacity in many such countries is relatively limited, as is the ability to finance such long-term and expensive projects.

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Global Infrastructure Outlook - Key Highlights

30 Mar 2017

This Key Highlights document summarizes the key findings from the” Global Infrastructure Outlook”, a report which provides an in-depth assessment of infrastructure spending, the drivers and barriers to infrastructure growth and the major projects in the construction pipeline.

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Trump's Presidency and US Construction

17 Mar 2017

Donald Trump, the newly elected 45th President of the US, has a long history in the construction industry, and he made infrastructure spending a key aspect of his election campaign.

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Outlook for Growth in the GCC is Revised Downwards

8 Dec 2016

The ongoing weakness in oil prices has continued to undermine investment growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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Australia's Asset Recycling Initiative Comes to an End

19 Jul 2016

The AUD5bn Asset Recycling Initiative has come to an end, with some notable success.

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Investing in Smart Cities

3 May 2016

The current rate of urbanization creates significant challenges for local and national policymakers and places great pressure on a city’s utilities and transport systems and other infrastructure.

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Australia's Residential Construction Boom

22 Apr 2016

The residential construction sector has been a major driver of growth in Australia’s overall construction industry in the past two years.

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Construction in Europe: A Return to Growth?

22 Mar 2016

Construction activity in Europe as a whole continued on a gradual path of recovery in 2015, expanding for the second successive year, albeit by just 0.

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What our clients say about Timetric’s construction market intelligence

Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center provides valuable support to AECOM’s business development and strategic planning efforts. CIC offers a multitude of services ranging from market analysis to project leads which makes it a unique player in the global construction intelligence space. It has become a key component of our market intelligence inventory.


This is a great source of information to have a better understanding of the construction market across the world. There is no doubt that this market intelligence is a great added-value to us. They also provide excellent support.

Camoplast Solideal

CIC is a fantastic tool and has saved us a great deal of time and effort. From high-level market overviews to in-depth analyses of projects, the system has allowed us to develop professional appraisals of business development targets within a few minutes. The Ask-An-Analyst function is like having an online consultant, ready to support bespoke requests, sometimes within challenging timeframes; and the support from the client facing team has been first rate.

Atkins Global

About the Infrastructure Intelligence Center

The Infrastructure Intelligence Center is the most comprehensive source of data and analysis on the global infrastructure industry.

Our unique construction projects database tracks major new projects globally and can be contextualized with our forecasts of future project activity, rich market data and analysis as well as competitive intelligence and company activity to help companies understand market attractiveness and risks, and realise market opportunities.

We provide more data, insight, analysis and commentary than any other information provider in this industry, and our industry-leading workflow tools and customer service ensure this intelligence can be easily integrated into your business

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Press Releases

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Egypt’s national strategy to resolve its water related issues

19 Jul 2018

Recent moves to support Egypt’s water supply come amid concerns over how it will be affected by Ethiopia’s nearly built Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

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AMLO’s election and its impact on infrastructure in Mexico

4 Jul 2018

On July 1, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO), a leftist populist, won Mexico’s presidential election. His landslide victory suggests that his electoral coalition, Juntos haremos historia (“Together we will make history”), will be able to form a congressional majority and give him and his administration a strong mandate to govern and enact their reform agenda.

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Infrastructure construction in Saudi Arabia to pick up

24 Aug 2017

With a young and growing population, together with rapid growth in urbanization and industrialization, Saudi Arabia is expected to maintain its position as the Middle East’s largest construction market.

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Growth Resurgence across Europe leads the way for an Improved Infrastructure Investment Climate

28 Jun 2017

Europe headlines a positive quarter for all major regions around the globe based on the Q2 2017 update of Timetric’s Infrastructure Risk Index (IRI). Construction output picked up for many European countries, with Sweden, Norway and Finland in particular seeing high construction growth of over 8% on the year to Q1 2017.

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NAOJ and Mitsubishi receives IEEE's certification for Nobeyama 45m radio telescope

14 Jun 2017

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation have announced that the Nobeyama 45m radio telescope has received certification as an IEEE Milestone from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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Malaysia to be among the World Leaders in Infrastructure Spending out to 2021

26 May 2017

Growth in infrastructure spending in Malaysia is expected to be among the fastest in the world going forward, averaging 15.5% in nominal terms out to 2021 according to a new report from Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (IIC),

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Nigeria’s infrastructure expenditure to rise as the government seeks to revive growth

16 May 2017

Despite economic woes, infrastructure expenditure in Nigeria is set to increase over the next five years, according to a Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center.

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Global infrastructure construction market to reach US$4.2 trillion by 2020

29 Mar 2017

According to a new report published by Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (InfraIC), the global infrastructure construction market totaled US$3.

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Infrastructure investment risk heightens across the globe

20 Dec 2016

Based on the Q4 2016 update of Timetric’s Infrastructure Risk Index (IRI), risks in infrastructure investment have increased globally, with the unweighted global average score rising to 45.

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Infrastructure investment in Chile is on the rise, supported by the government’s growth agenda

30 Nov 2016

According to Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (IIC), infrastructure construction output in Chile will reach US$17.7 billion in 2020, up from US$13.

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Strong Infrastructure Growth in Indonesia Expected to Continue

16 Nov 2016

Strong growth in infrastructure construction is expected in Indonesia over the next five years; a continuation of the trend seen in the early part of this decade, according to a new report from Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (IIC).

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Infrastructure spending in the Philippines is set to grow at a relatively fast pace

31 Oct 2016

According to the new report from Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (ICC), infrastructure construction spending in the Philippines will reach PHP1.

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Despite budget reductions, infrastructure spending to rise in Mexico

13 Oct 2016

According to Timetric’s latest forecasts, infrastructure construction spending in Mexico will reach MXN1.2 trillion (US$62.1 billion) in 2020, up from MXN961 billion (US$51.

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Canada and the US have the most attractive infrastructure investment climates, according to Timetric’s Infrastructure Risk Index

13 Oct 2016

Timetric’s Infrastructure Risk Index (IRI) provides a global view of the current infrastructure investment climate. The Index covers 60 countries, with 30 advanced and 30 developing economies included.

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Saudi Arabia and South Africa investing heavily in power generation construction

13 Oct 2016

According to the new report from Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (IIC), the total value of the power generation construction projects pipeline in the Middle East and Africa stands at US$876.

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Deboeuf appointed Renault-Nissan alliance senior vice-president

16 Mar 2015

Renault-Nissan BV (RNBV), a strategic partnership between Renault and Nissan since 1999, has appointed Arnaud Deboeuf as senior vice-president of Renault-Nissan and Alliance CEO Office, who will Christian Mardrus with effect from 1 April.

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